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// I was born in the 80's and my fascination with photography began in 1997 when I was given my first camera. Using analogue camera and film, where there is no LCD screen to check your photos, not only made me value every single shot, but also taught me patience and diligence, which is still a visible feature of my works.

// Although my educational path is only parallel to photography, it is very strongly associated with visual reception. This work has reinforced my sense of aesthetics, which I try to keep at a high level also in my photographs. True freedom of creating images purely showing not only places, but also elusive moments started for me with the age of digital photography. Capturing the atmosphere during numerous concerts and distant journey through the years has become my way of life.

// In the last decade I changed several times country of residence. I finally returned to my beloved city - Wroclaw. Thanks to getting a License of Wroclaw City Guide I know  well many places in that city and whole region. In my opinion it is an excellent location for photo-sesions for young couples. During my own wedding, I discovered how difficult and responsible but also highly appealing is Wedding Photography. I am convinced that thanks to years of experience in making photo reportage’s I can capture in my frames remarkable moments and emotions associated with it. I would like to share with you my perspective of the most important moments of your life ...


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